NanoMedicine: Nano-Bio-Systems


Current Projects

Project 1: Basic Research on DNA molecular motors-drug interaction: Basic Research on DNA Atomic Structures/DNA molecular motors: Intracellular targets for novel nanomedicines

Project 2: Nano-Bio-Systems: Nanotechnology for Cell Selective ChemoTherapy Drug Delivery System.

Project 3: Nano-Bio-System: Nanotechnology on Genome editing. The Future of genetic blindness. New project funded by OMS from April2016.

Project 4: Monitoring Toxicity: Mechanisms of cell-nano-particle interaction

Project 5: Monitoring cell-nanoparticles effects: Mapping morphological and nanomechanical properties of live cells in near-physiological conditions using multi-harmonic tapping-mode atomic force microscopy.

Project 6: Development of a novel method for generation of attenuated bacteria vaccines by in vivo DNA condensation

Nanotechnology has been defined as the science of developing and studying materials and devices that function within the nanometer scale. Nanomaterials exhibit unique chemical l and physical characteristics proper of the nanoscale. These unique traits result to the large surface to volume ratio of nanostructures.


Nanomedicine  has emerged as a field which uses concepts from nanotechnology and medicine to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases. A wide variety nanoparticlesof are currently the subject of research for treatment and diagnosis.


Nano-bio-systems are unique tools in nanomedicine and nanobiology due to their novel nano-bio properties. Also, they can be tailored to the desired medical or biological application.The aim of this project is to develop the NanoBioSystem Technology for a high efficiency, non-toxic and cell selective gene delivery. Since the genetic material and nanoparticle are linked by anon-covalent attachment, the linked is reversible in intracellular physiological conditions, therefore the cargo/DNA release occurs intracellularly. Thus, NanoBioSystemstechnologypresent a feasible new gene delivery system, with promising applications in biomedicine and other areas of biosciences research.