An Oxford Martin School visiting fellowship has enabled two academics to kickstart an experimental approach to tackling a form of blindness that affects one in four thousand people worldwide.


Dr Sonia Trigueros, Co-Director of the Oxford Martin School Programme in NanoMedicine, is collaborating with the University of Barcelona’s Professor Gemma Marfany, a human molecular geneticist, to study whether nanotechnology can be used to treat the hereditary retinal disorder retinitis pigmentosa.







Latest Paper 2017:
Nano-scale gene delivery systems; current technology, obstacles, and future directions. Current Medical Chemestry.
Acepted Nov 2017. In Press

Antonio Garcia-Guerra1, Thomas L. Dunwell2 and Sonia Trigueros2,1*

*Corresponding author: Sonia Trigueros

Department of Zoology. Oxford University. OX26GG Oxford, UK

From October to December 2017 I will be at The University of Barcelona as Visiting Professor